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Without a doubt, Washington DC is one of the prime real estate destinations in the United States. The undisputed capital of the country, it has been a beacon for ages. Home to the White House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, and the Washington Monument, Washington DC is truly a unique place to be considering its deep historical roots.

Washington DC has an official population of close to 600,000 people. Its real estate average price is close to $400,000 a home. The city attracts plenty of tourism, which pumps plenty of profit into its infrastructure. There are an endless amount of attractions including the arts, museums, space centers, libraries, and memorials to those who died in three wars including the Vietnam War and World War II. In addition to its patriotic facets, the city of DC is a combustion of fine cuisine, unique restaurants, and is home to an extreme shopping and business district.

Washington DC real estate has an excellent chance of being situated in neighborhoods also known as villages. Neighborhoods in the area have an outstanding mix of being both residential and commercial. They hold such fancy names as Hillcrest, Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Woodley Park, and enough names to have you thinking you were reading a London metro map. Overall, Washington DC real estate lies within 61 total square miles, with the population dispersed in different areas. The center of the city is home to the National Mall which holds many museums and memorials. Georgetown, an area within Washington DC, is home to one of the finest schools in the country and is popular for its manicured gardens and different architecture styles including Victorian and Georgian.

Washington DC real estate is not limited to fancy areas. The eastern side of the city is known for being shoddy from time to time with violent gang activities occurring from time to time. However, these troublesome areas have been renovated throughout the past couple of years, similar to the Red Hook section in Brooklyn, New York – once one of the most violent cities in the country turned real estate haven.

Those seeking Washington DC real estate will appreciate how easy it is to get out of town as well. Three airports serve the city, which are Ronald Reagan airport, Washington Dulles Airport, and Baltimore/Washington International airport. In addition, Amtrak services run through the city along with an excellent bus and subway system with more than 100 miles of track. Suburban areas on the outskirts of town also benefit from Washington DC’s massive transportation system. Look to acquiring a piece of Washington DC real estate today to live comfortable tomorrow.

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