Pennsylvania Real Estate

Cheesecake Land and Its Real Estate Opportunity

Pennsylvania, home of its legendary capital city of Philadelphia, means more than just cheesecakes and cream cheese. Pennsylvania residents have plenty of options when it comes prime real estate housing available. Start out from its capital city, Philadelphia, one of the most eclectic cities in the nation. It has a combination of everything a bona fide big city has to offer.

Those interested in Pennsylvania real estate will be pleased with what the city has to offer. It holds a renowned neighborhood in its South Street area, famous for its cuisine, bars, and shopping options. In addition, Philadelphia has some of the best nightlife around, with plenty of nightspots packing Delaware Avenue. Its proximity to New York (an hour and a half drive), its two train terminals, and its own International Airport makes Philadelphia the ideal place to buy a mortgage and invest in real estate.

For Pennsylvania real estate seekers into sports, Pennsylvania offers an arsenal of professional teams in the Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, and Eagles. The city holds not one, but two sports venues – one of which converts into both a baseball field and a football field. The topography and location of the state, being close to the New England states and a rock’s throw from NYC, makes this the perfect place to buy Pennsylvania real estate.

Another place in Pennsylvania worth considering purchasing a home in is the city of Pittsburgh. At one point considered the official gateway to the West, it is smack in the middle of three major rivers. In essence, it has been known as an industrial city because of its heavy emphasis on steel manufacturing. In one magazine, it was voted the safest place to live in. Although the steel industry still runs strong, Pittsburgh is a popular place with college students in that it holds plenty of nightlife and recreational areas.

The cost of Pennsylvania real estate varies from place to place. Right now, small family homes in Erie can costs as little as $100,000 while major cities like Philadelphia has homes in the $700,000 range. Fortunately, a great deal could be had in Pittsburgh where the average house goes for $300,000. Right now, Pennsylvania real estate appreciate rates are around the national average at slightly over 14 percent. This means plenty of home equity could be built between now and the time you sell your home. Consider purchasing a home in versatile Pennsylvania today and reap a beautiful lifestyle tomorrow.

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