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The Garden State's Real Estate

New Jersey is most notably one of the most underrated states in the country. For starters, its location is ideal – with New England a short drive away and New York City right over the river. As a matter of fact, many New Jersey residents work in New York City and take the PATH trains to get home in the evenings. In addition, a large percentage of the state is divided into long stretches of highway with restaurants, bars, and retail stores at every turn. New Jersey real estate seekers will be pleased to know New Jersey offers a variety of lifestyles to choose from.

First, New Jersey is composed of mostly suburbs with towns and borderline cities mixed in. Gated communities are the backdrop for Southern Jersey, and strip malls are scattered all about to form closely knit municipalities. Residents can opt to take out a new home loan on a mortgage close to Atlantic City, the ‘Las Vegas’ of the East and the second largest casino reserve in the United States. The ‘Boardwalk’ has an arsenal of fine cuisine, backend hotels, and an endless amount of activities to choose from. In its history, it has gone through many economic swings and the seasons greatly influence the amount of visitors that go there. Spring and summer are obviously the best times to frequent Atlantic City. Along with miles of Jersey shore, the Jersey coast is an excellent place to seek prime New Jersey real estate.

The city of Princeton, New Jersey is also an excellent place to look for prime New Jersey real estate. For starters, it is where Princeton University is located. According to the US News and World Report, Princeton is the No. 1 ranked college in the country ahead of Harvard and Yale. Here, there is plenty of lush landscaping and mansions that overwhelm the scene.

New Jersey is an excellent transfer point to other destination cities as well with its own Newark Liberty International Airport. When people want to go to New York from foreign locations, Newark Airport is an ideal spot for them to land considering its proximity. All in all, appreciate rates for New Jersey real estate is very healthy. Real estate prices go from inexpensive to the millions depending on location. Although it is home to the most violent city in the country (Camden), it is also home to $900,000 homes in lush areas. Perform research on the Internet today to check out the prices in your area of interest.

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