The Evolution of Computers

When computers were first introduced they were huge, bulky devices that required a sophisticated understanding of programming to make them work properly. As computers evolved they have become much more user friendly, a lot smaller and far more powerful than they ever were. Today it is possible to buy computers that are self-contained, portable units called laptops and personal digital agendas that are stronger than some of the mainframes of the past.

The majority of middle-class households today own computers. In fact, many schools require that assignments be done on a computer and printed up. Most schools offer computer courses and children as young as two and three years of age are able to surf and play games without problems. The widespread use of computers is due to several reasons - the increased user friendliness of the operating systems, the fantastic convenience that is offered by the word processing programs and the fact that computers are much smaller and more affordable than they have ever been. Now with the introduction of the internet putting everything you could possible want literally at your fingertips it is no wonder that computers are everywhere.

Since technology is evolving so quickly computers become obsolete quite quickly. For this reason, those who cannot afford to buy a brand new computer can always get great deals on a second hand machine that will work just as well as a new one would. There are several companies who stand out in the world of computer manufacturing. The biggest names are naturally IBM and MAC. However, Dell and HP Compaq are also very well-known. IBM computers are renowned for the excellence of their hardware and the stability of their machines. An IBM computer will last a very long time and still be as quick and efficient three years down the line as it was when it was new. MAC computers are the ultimate in user-friendliness. These sleek machines are the preferred choice of artists and designers because of their superior imaging, graphics, sound and video capabilities. However, traditionally MACs have had very unstable systems and were prone to crashing.

Clones are the most popular computers to buy because they work just as well as the brand names but cost merely half of what the others do. Whatever you decide to buy, a computer is a purchase that you will never regret.

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