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We have made tremendous advances in science recently, but they haven't come without a few growing pains. Science, according to the common person, is the study of some legitimate subject. For instance, the study of animals and live things is natural science. Studying what people do and how they act as human beings in a society is behavioral science.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating and controversial subjects of science is cloning. In the United States human cloning has been made illegal. Some countries claim to have cloned the first human, but no significant proof has been provided.

Supernatural science is another very interesting subject. Many truly believe that ghosts, spooks and other manner of spirits after death or in a third realm are worth studying. Many legitimate colleges and universities offer classes in supernatural science; however, no accredited colleges actually offer a degree in such a science.

Natural science even has its interesting aspects. Animals, insects and sea creatures, including many types of fish, are just hanging around waiting to be discovered. Every year we continue to discover new living things and record information about extinct, formally living things. A 2000-year-old Mayan civilization was discovered to have had a zoo so that they could study animals not just to look at them like many zoos today. We have been interested in science for as many years as civilization has existed.

Many of the natural remedies for illnesses and a great deal of the not so natural ones had their beginnings in nature. Penicillin, we all know, is a by product of mold. Many of us take herbal remedies to avoid colds, help us sleep and clean our systems. This is a form of natural and medical science mixed together.

Medical science needs an entire book unto itself. We have made so many discoveries in this area that have helped cure people with cancer, correct horrible birth defects, the lists go on and on. We certainly are living longer with the help of medical science and all the recommendations received through research.

Astrology gives us a place to dream about worlds unknown. Recently, vacations to the moon have been made available by a Russian group of astronauts. Of course, these vacations cost several million dollars and most of us won't be booking a seat on the next shuttle, but it is good to know that in the future something like that might exist for our children.

Science, whether ligitament like natural science or behaveral science, or a bit off center like super natural science, we are interested in knowing all about our world and science gives us just the chance to know.

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