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Last Updated: 6/6/15 is committed to providing a safe an enjoyable experience with its online services. Some of these services may require user accounts containing personal information. In order to protect your privacy and accomplish these goals we operate under the following rules:

1. will do everything possible to protect your privacy. Fatnewt may collect personal information such as names, ages, gender, email addresses, ip addresses or zip codes. In addition to this data, Fatnewt may collect other information such as IP addresses as well as monitor user site use. This information is used both to provide a better service and user experience.

2. Fatnewt will not sell or otherwise make available any personal information about a user. This information may be gathered and stored in a variety of formats such as web forms, cookies, databases, surveys, polls, log files, etc.

3. Fatnewt users may at any time remove their account and all associated user information or edit it through an account manager.

4. This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without user notification.

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