Living in Our World of Entertainment

What do you consider entertainment? A date, a night out to the movies, a play at the theatre or maybe the opera? Perhaps you would rather do something more active like hiking or camping. Maybe reading or attending a community class is something you would love to do. Traveling is another form of entertainment that most of us find exhilarating and refreshing.

Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Today... we all need to get our fill of entertainment news. Many of us find celebrities falling down on the job incredibly entertaining. Many super informative, highly questionable news magazines commonly found next to the check out stands in grocery stores tell us all about the stars. These exaggerated 'news' magazines give us all the dirt we can possibly absorb about current and past celebrities, their ups and downs, their gains and losses, marriages and divorces, nothing is left out.

If you don't find that particularly entertaining, perhaps games are more your cup of tea. These days games come in all formats. Parents are often seen standing in long lines near Christmas time trying to get the latest electronic game or video game for their children. The lucky ones run to school January 2nd to claim their popularity among the cool kids whose parents also stood in those long lines.

Some of us find certain chores entertaining. Gardening and cooking are the two that come to my mind. Cooking classes are available to kids, adults and senior. Specialty classes and regional food classes are always a favorite. Many of us want to learn how to cook elaborate, seven-course Italian dinners. Some kids aren't quite satisfied with knowing how to scramble eggs, they want to learn how to cook pizza and lasagna for themselves - mom just doesn't cook it enough!

Some people have a passion for long lasting, very involved electronic games commonly played on the internet with people from other places, often people we don't know. Internet, interactive games can go on weeks, months, some have even been continued for years. Most board games, while certainly not something that would drag into years, are entertaining, especially with a group of friends. Nothing is more entertaining than a group of friends who have gotten together to have fun

Other people need to feel a rush of adrenaline to feel entertained. For those people, theme parks, sky diving, para sailing, even shark petting are attractions to adrenaline junkies. Entertainment can only be found in immense extremes for them. Funny thing though, they seem to be healthier than the rest of us with hobbies like Internet chatting.

Whether you are looking for an entertaining spouse or friend or just need a little excitement in your own life, there are a billion avenues to travel. One only need to put 'entertainment' in a search engine and select one of the 646 million choices.

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