Travelling Through Our Small World

Our world is getting smaller as the global economy kicks in. More than ever before we are in contact with people from different ethnic and cultural origins. Thanks to Internet technology we are learning more about each other, and per the same technology, many of us find ourselves suddenly working for multi-national companies. Travel is easier and more popular and necessary than ever before.

Recreational Trips

There are a number of reasons to travel. The most fun of course is purely for pleasure, such as when we take a vacation or holiday. In those cases it can be hard to pick a destination, as there are so many places to see. Some of us have lists of all the places we want to see in our lifetimes. Choices often depend on our budgetary constraints. If we have only a certain amount of money then that will narrow our choices. Some of us have partners and families, while others are single. Do we want to travel with the children or just our significant other? If we live alone, should we go solo or maybe join a tour group? What about climate; do we like warm or cold weather best? Do we want to just relax, and maybe be pampered, or do we want to take an adventure trip, where we interact with our surroundings in an active way? Yes, the world is smaller in that it’s more accessible, but it’s still a pretty big place with endless choices to explore.

Business Trips

Business is another main reason for taking a trip. More of it is done virtually, again thanks to technology, but there still are plenty of reasons to travel across a country or the other side of the world. It’s important to be familiar with the customs of the people you are going to see. If your company already has representatives in another country, you can speak with them. Otherwise, head to cyberspace and do some studying. Learn what colors, gestures, or expressions might be offensive. Find out the proper way to present and receive business cards. Do your clients or co- workers prefer to bow or shake hands? If you are a woman going to the middle-east then find out how much of your body and head should be covered. It’s important to show respect to those with different customs than our own.

For the majority, travel is an exciting concept, even if they are just getting away from home for a few days. It’s a good way to renew the spirit and come home refreshed.

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