Travel Accessories

Which Travel Accessories Should You Bring?

No information about travel would be complete without discussing travel accessories. Some people want to take everything but the kitchen sink with them, but those who have good sense try to keep it light and simple. To that end, there are a lot of excellent ways to keep your trip fun, unencumbered, and easy. For lots of helpful information and ideas, check out


What and how much to take of course depends on how far you are going and how long you plan to be away from home. Some items are standard, such as clothing and toiletries, including medications. If you are going to another country, you may need an electrical current converter or adapter. To find out which type you need, check the Internet or travel books to see what the country you’re visiting uses. Most of North America uses 110V and other nations, 220V. Some other considerations in the line of travel accessories are maps and guidebooks, translation devices such as books or flashcards, ear plugs and eye masks to aid sleep, and an especially handy item; a set of compression bags. These allow you to pack bulky items like sweaters or pillows and force the air out, flattening the packed object down to a fraction of its size.

Clothing Tips

Clothes are not exactly a travel accessory, but are usually necessary. When you’re ready to take a trip, think in terms of mix and match, and ease of care. There are many clothing lines that are especially good for traveling. The fabrics are light weight, wrinkle-proof, and are hand- washable and quick to dry should you need to clean them. There are also socks and underwear made specifically for travel that rinse out easily and dry extra fast. You can also find small packets of soap and special clips for hanging garments to dry. Try to avoid having to press anything, but should you need one, most hotels have irons or laundry service, as well as alarm clocks and hair dryers.

Business Travel

Many trips are business related and the traveler must use a laptop computer. Most of them are adaptable but you should also carry a surge protector and a converter. As already mentioned, many countries use 220 V current. If you will be dialing up to connect, don’t forget a modem converter for the phone jack, and a line tester to learn whether the phone lines are digital or analog. These are small travel accessories that won’t take up too much valuable space in your suitcase.

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