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Outdoor travel can be a thrilling way to not only experience nature at its finest, but also learn and discover things about yourself and the world around you that you may not have known before. Just as with any other type of excursion, outdoor travel must be planned for carefully based on the type of activities that will take place.


Hiking is an activity that requires a measure of physical stamina. While not all hiking trails are arduous or long, the simple act of the constant walking can be strenuous on some who are less conditioned to it. It’s important to be well-prepared when hiking with supplies that can be reached quickly in case of emergency or need.

Hiking packs are typically not very large and must be packed efficiently to house the necessary items. Water is the most essential thing to bring. Now, hydration packs are available to avoid having to carry the extra bulk of a water bottle or canteen. A hydration pack has a special straw-like hose that the hiker can pull directly into the mouth without stopping to unpack and search for water.

Food, matches, a flare, a rain jacket, sun block, bug spray and an extra pair of socks are just some of the essentials to bring when packing for an outdoor traveling activity like hiking. Depending on the duration, there may be a need for even more. Also keep in mind that many people enjoy taking radios and emergency devices such as cell phones in case they need assistance.


River rafting is another outdoor travel sport that requires a measure of physical stamina. Even more so than hiking, it’s important to have the necessary equipment such as life vests, oars, a change of clothes, helmets and other related gear for a successful trip. Rafting can be a day excursion or one that takes travelers down river for a span of days. In the event of a longer trip, travelers must also have camping gear ready for an overnight stay. Many mountain areas have rafting packages that even include a guide to help riders get down river safely and there may even be stopping points where travelers can rest overnight without having to put up a tent.


Camping is perhaps the least physical form of outdoor travel, or at least it’s the one most conducive to the least amount of exertion. Campers can choose how involved into the experience they want to be by bringing supplies to match their capabilities. For the most inexperienced camper, a small, gas stove, lamps and other amenities may be needed; however, the most rugged campers travel with only what can be carried on the back. This may not even include enough food for the entire trip, as rugged campers like to live off the land as part of the total experience.

Outdoor travel can be an amazing experience, but much depends on the physical capabilities of the travels and the knowledge of the activity chosen. It’s important not to face the elements of nature without the proper equipment and preparation.

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