Pets are for Everyone

Having a pet as a child is not only fun but give the child a sense of responsibility. But it is not only children who benefit from pets. There is the family pet, shared by the family, there is the pet used by people wanting the company of an animal, older people who rely on their pets. Pets are also used as a therapy. It has been proved that people, old and young can benefit from a pet even if the pet belongs to someone else and only comes to visit. Then there are guide dogs which help the blind and guard dogs that protect people, property and livestock.

Dogs are great pets, they are fun to play with and there is a size and breed for everyone. Due to the fact that they live for 10 years plus, some up to 17 years they can be a playmate, companion and friend for a long time. They do need regular exercise and have to be trained correctly. Also, the bigger the dog the bigger the appetite, the bigger the food bill. However, there is nothing more entertaining to watch than a dog's tail when they are eating because it makes them very happy.

Cats make good companions and are great for small spaces like apartments. The ordinary moggie is a cheap cat and can be just as loved as the more expensive purebred varieties. Cats live for 12 years or more, they are playful and get up to crazy antics. Cats will only want to be cuddled when they feel like it though. They also have strong hunting instincts and are great for keeping down the mice population but also birds.

For those with little time fish are a wonderful alternative. Fish are easy to feed, no training required and fairly cheap to set up. Goldfish are excellent for beginners and relatively cheap to set up. Another favorite is Siamese fighting Fish, they are colorful and fun to watch but beware you can only have one fancy make fish per tank because they will fight each other. Tropical fish are beautiful but are not a good option for beginners as their tanks and the water have to maintained “just right”. Setting up tropical fish tanks is quite expensive.

Another delight pet for a small area is a bird. Beautiful canaries singing happily from their cage can brighten up any area. Their cages need to be kept clean and the birds must have ample food and water. Toys and mirrors, along with a good perch and a swing will keep them entertained.

Some other pets included rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit crabs. Pets become part of our lives and give us plenty of fun and enjoyment.

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