Tips and Advice About Cats to Help You Make the Purrfect Purchase

Cats are wonderful pets that can offer hours of enjoyment and love. If you are currently looking around for cats to adopt, then make sure you know as much about cats as possible. For example, you should know how to purchase the kind of cat that is right for you, you should know about how to take care of cats once you have them and you should know what to expect from a cat as a pet. Here are some general pieces of information about cats:

Choosing the Cat That's Right for You

Cats come in a multitude of breads and dispositions. When searching for cats to adopt, a great place to start is at the local pet store or SPCA. Often, you will be able to adopt a cat for free that has already had its shots and necessary vaccinations. Cats are also sold through private means - such as through Classified ads in the newspaper. Some daring folks also enjoy taking feral cats in from their neighborhoods, though this is not recommended, as wild cats often have diseases and are difficult to train for indoor living.

Taking Care of Your Cat

Cats are considered to be a low-maintenance pet. They are easy to care for and stay by themselves very well, as opposed to many pets that require the company of friends. Cats will need fresh food and water daily and a clean litter box every few days. Additionally, you will have to take your cat into the vet periodically for check-ups. Many cats also enjoy playing with toys, so it would be a wise investment to buy some toys that help them stretch their claws and play.

What to Expect

Cats have a reputation for being unfriendly. It's not that cats are truly unfriendly creatures; it's just that they would generally prefer to be on their own. Many cats can go for days without people in the house to take care of them, as long as they have a clean litter box and plenty of food and water. Cats are also very lovable to their owners and like a good deal of attention - on their own time. It's a wise idea to spend some time with a cat before you consider adopting one. Cats generally live to be about 15 years old.

Cats are a fun and an enjoyable addition to any home. If you are considering making an adoption, you might want to get an allergy shot and plan to have the cat de-clawed. Cats tend to scratch upholstery and other furniture to the point of ruining them if you are not careful. Be sure that you have a vet that you can take your cat to when he or she is sick. Also, know that cats are prone to getting fleas, so you should be prepared to combat the fleas with regular treatments.

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