Indoor Cats

How to Keep an Indoor Cat Pouncing

For those that know and love cats, they also know that they have a lifestyle that is all their own. Sometimes this includes not only playing with a ball of yarn, but also the desire for them to go outside. If you want to be certain that your cat stays healthy and happy, you should also work towards making them indoor cats.

Cats are typically divided into three categories. The first are the indoor cats. There are then cats that are strictly for the outdoors. You also have cats that will alternate between the two, moving inside and outside as they please. The difference between all of these cats is in the health levels that they have, as well as their abilities to carry out their instincts.

If you have an indoor cat, you should suspect that they will need certain things in order to stay healthy, even though they aren’t in the outdoors. Most outdoor cats will have the ability to run, climb and play with different things. An indoor cat needs to have the same possibilities open to them, meaning that you should find ways to give them climbing and running space.

Another important thing to keep in mind with indoor cats is that they will need to have different nutrition needs met. Because indoor cats have different levels of activity, they will need to have more types of nutrients in some of their foods, such as extra protein. This will help their muscles and their figure to stay healthy, even though there isn’t as much room to run around.

Why Shouldn’t You Let Your Indoor Cat Out?

Most will ask the question of why they shouldn’t just let their indoor cats out into the backyard. After all, it makes it easier for them to get the activity that they need, and there are bugs and birds to chase in the outdoors that may not be inside. If you are living in a certain area, or want to look at your cat’s health differently, then keeping them as indoor cats is the best option.

The first consideration to make with letting your cat back outdoors is whether it will help or hurt their health. Even though there won’t be the same amount of activity, you will be protecting their health in other ways. They won’t be exposed to bacteria or viruses from other animals, and they won’t get things such as fleas as easily. If you want to prevent major health problems, keeping your cat indoors is a better solution.

Another consideration to make with keeping your cat indoors or outdoors is in relation to the area that you are living in. If you live in the city, your cat could easily run across the street and get hit by a car. This is all too often the case for cats who like to go outdoors. There are also problems with smaller things, such as neighbors, dogs and even fences. All of these can potentially harm your cat.

Having an indoor cat is a benefit to both you and the cat. By training them to stay indoors, you will have the ability to make sure that they stay healthy and happy. Even if you have to make the environment better for their specific needs, it will be a way to keep your cat purring.

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