Declawing Cats

Is Declawing Your Cat Safe?

Most cat owners really love their pet, but they just cannot stand it when their cat scratches the furniture. Some people often find that their cat also loves to dig up the carpet, which can be equally as frustrating. There are all kinds of sprays and powders out there that say that they will help you by keeping your cat away from the items in the house that you do not want them to scratch on. Unfortunately, even if these products do work, it either disappears too soon or you have to use a pretty hefty amount for it to have any effect at all. This is where a great number of fed up cat owners look into the option of having declawing performed on their feline friend.

Just imagine that. If you got your kitty declawed, then you would no longer have to suffer with ruined furniture and scratch marks all over the place. Many pet owners also feel that the idea of declawing is quite tempting if they have children. Once the cat has had the procedure done, you will no longer have to worry about your younger children getting too close. After all, it is nearly impossible to have cats in the same household with children without a slew of scratches. However, is the declawing procedure something that you would really want to put your cat through?

One of the first things that should come to mind is the question of whether or not declawing is safe for your cat. Many feline experts and a good number of veterinarians will actually tell you that the answer is no for several reasons. In several countries it is actually considered cruel and inhumane to declaw and it has been deemed illegal. This is due in part to the fact that when you actually remove the claw, you have to remove a piece of the bone as well. All of the claws on a cat are actually attached to the end of the bone, making this quite an invasive procedure.

In addition to what many would consider a fairly gruesome procedure, there may be several complications that could arise after the surgery is completed. An obvious complication would have to be moderate to serious infection. You have to remember that cats, especially indoor cats, have to scratch in their litter box on a regular basis. Another common problem that many veterinarians have seen is regrowth of the claw. If left unnoticed and/or unattended, this can lead to more painful procedures for your cat down the road. These are just a few of the reasons why you should rethink declawing your beloved cat.

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