Rafting on the Water in Style and Adventure

River rafting is a great outdoor sport and can be an awesome adventure for families, couples or individuals. Rafting equipment and assistance is usually required in order for a trip to be successful. Often, those taking a river rafting trip choose to work with a professional that knows the river and can offer guidance to those that wish to take on the river.

In the mountainous regions of the US, many states and groups offer a variety of rafting tour packages such as group excursions, guided tours and even customized tours. These types of rafting trips can work similar to a cruise-style format in that they can involve overnight accommodations and meals. When you take a multi-day rafting trip, most of the daylight hours are spent on the water. However, there are stops along the way for rafters to get out and explore the lands, hike the area, lie on beaches, go fishing and more. Many mountain areas have rafting packages that even include a guide to help riders get down river safely and there may even be stopping points where travelers can rest overnight without having to put up a tent.


Inflatable boats are the type used almost exclusively in rafting. They are made of a very durable, multi-layered rubberized fabrics with several independent air chambers and can vary in length between 11 ft and 20 ft. Most rafts used in the United States are not much longer than 8 ft and are propelled with ordinary paddles. A typical raft will hold between 8 and 12 people.

River rafting is an outdoor sport that requires a measure of physical stamina. Even more so than hiking, it’s important to have the necessary equipment such as life vests, oars, a change of clothes, helmets and other related gear for a successful trip. Rafting can be a day excursion or one that takes travelers down river for a span of days. In the event of a longer trip, travelers must also have camping gear ready for an overnight stay.

White Waters

White water rafting is a more aggressive form of rafting that requires some technical skill, the proper equipment and often times, an experienced guide. While some of the waters may be calm at times, white water rafting is notorious for having very turbulent waters with jagged rocks, water falls and other dangers.

Outdoor travel, such as a rafting trip, can be a thrilling way to not only experience nature at its finest, but also learn and discover things about yourself and the world around you that you may not have known before. Just as with any other type of excursion, outdoor travel must be planned for carefully based on the type of activities that will take place.

Get Informed

There are a number of online resources for those who wish to learn more about rafting or white water rafting. Online help can be a good way to get prepared for a trip, where there are checklists and warnings, information about the level of difficulty and area guides. Certain states have pages set up with rafting information about weather, seasonal issues, regulations and requirements. If you are going to take a rafting trip, it is best to familiarize yourself with the local laws in regards to water sports, as many areas are off-limits to certain types.

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