Capri Vacations

Are Capri Vacations on the List?

The Isle of Capri is world renown for being a vacation hot-spot for the wealthy and the famous. With a thrilling night life, a rich history and beautiful landscape, Capri is a hub of activity for tourists of all ages and walks of life. A Capri vacation is one through which travelers can experience the cultural life of Italy with the serenity of the calm beaches, sparkling waters and clear skies, almost year-round. There are a number of things to do on the Island of Capri; however travelers may also wish to visit the surrounding areas such as Amalfi, Naples wine country and the ruins of Pompeii.

Travel and Safety

Travel to the Island of Capri is not considered to be a high-risk endeavor. Island residents welcome visitors of all ages including families with children. Although there is some petty theft that may take place, there is no terrorism activity and major crimes are infrequent and rare.

precautions when driving, cycling or riding around the island and it’s surrounding areas. There are tours and other guided activities for those who do not wish to take on the responsibility for exploring the island into their own hands. However, for those who may feel more adventurous, there are scooter rentals, boat rentals and cars available for trips about the island.


As when visiting any foreign country, travelers should be sure to drink bottled water, however the water on the Island of Capri is not considered unsafe to drink. There are only the most common health precautions that much be taking during a Capri vacation, such as wearing sun block and remembering to be safe in and around the water.


A Capri vacation has a number of options for finding entertainment or action. Depending on the time of year, the residents of the Island of Capri have a number of location celebrations and festivals that visitors are welcomed to participate in. The summer moths are those with the largest number of events such as patron saints festivals, Independence Day, and a folklore festival filled with food, music, dancing and shopping.

In the winter, there is also an international film festival that draws filmmakers and celebrities from around the world. This annual event is a popular one for tourists and residents alike.


The weather in Capri is considered to be balmy and mild almost year-round. Even though there are rainy months and cooler temperatures at certain times of the year, the temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees. A Capri vacation can be planned around the activities during certain months or the weather, which doesn’t usually begin to turn colder until around November, although the summer months have much more available to tourists. In the summer, average temperature gets up into the 80s.

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