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Main Attractions for Popular Sights

When thinking about taking a trip, whether it be across the United States or across the world, planning is the most important tool. It’s important to know where you’re going to go, but choosing one or two or just a few locations to travel to in the world can be difficult. There is much to see and do; however, it may be that the travel dreams have to be prioritized in order to get at least some of the events into the schedule. Planning to see the main attractions at your chosen destination will help to ensure that you see important hot spots.

The United States

Around the United States, there are many main attractions – some are considered to be only states attractions, however others are known on the world scale such as the Grand Canyon and Disneyworld. Each year people from across the worldly come to visit these places and get to see little else of what the United States has to offer.

Each state in the US has at least one main attraction that draws in its own set of tourists, however many of them remain relatively unknown outside of the US or even sometimes outside of the state itself. Here are some tips for your travel to the hottest travel destinations in the U.S.:

New York

New York City is the main attraction in the state of New York. Each year millions of people from around the world travel to New York City to sample its fast-paced lifestyle, the vast assortment of cultures, the history and architecture and the food.

New York City has its own man attractions such as the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, FAO Schwartz, Madison Square Gardens and Canal Street. It can almost seem like its own small country, or a number of countries living side by side. This diversity has made the city famous around the world.

Los Angeles

California is renowned for its cultural flavor, beaches and, perhaps most of all, Hollywood. Hollywood is the states main attraction as, each year people travel to L.A. to try their skills in show business, catch a glimpse of celebrities and at shop at some of the most famous stores in the US.

Las Vegas

“Sin City” as it’s otherwise known, is growing to be more of main tourist attraction than it ever has in the past thanks in part to the vast publicity it receives as the nation’s most private, public place to find fun and trouble. Las Vegas is famous for its gambling casinos, larger-than-life stage shows and numerous wedding chapels. There celebrities, tourists and residents can mix and meet for fun and freedom.


Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Full of history and culture, the city draws in tourists from around the world each year, however it also remains one of the cities most repeatedly visited by US residents. Many times visitors will return to the city to watch historical shows, see the New England foliage and shop in Quincy Market. Although it is not necessarily on the same level as the more renowned cities such as New York, Boston has become a home-grown main attraction for citizens of the United States.

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