Vacation Homes

Home Sweet Vacation Home

Hands down, my favorite way to travel is by booking a vacation home. This option offers many wonderful conveniences, so it makes vacationing relaxing and easy. It is especially good when you are going to be gone for a longer vacation, and you need the amenities of home.

Vacation homes are readily available in all the big tourist areas, especially anywhere that includes a beach, popular amusement park, historic areas to tour, or a combination of any of these attractions. The benefits to staying in a vacation home are numerous.

Families traveling with small children, or several families traveling together, can benefit from staying in a vacation home instead of a hotel, as the homes are specifically designed to accommodate your needs. With a full kitchen and all the dishes, cookware and appliances you need, a vacation home really lets you save money on food and helps you eat healthier by avoiding the fast-food alternatives.

On vacations, my family likes to start the day with a good, hot breakfast. When we stay in a vacation home, that is cheap and easy. There is always a grocery store nearby, so one of our first stops on arrival day is to pick up the necessities for the week.

I really appreciate the convenience of a washer and dryer, which come with most vacation homes. It enables you to pack lighter, and simply do a quick load or two as you go. With children, a washer and dryer are invaluable, as they easily end up wearing as much of their lunch as they get to eat.

Most vacation homes also come equipped with cable television, VCRs and DVD players, several full bathrooms, and of course all the linens. For an extra fee, they will provide maid service daily, or simply once during the week as you request.

Another terrific feature of many vacation homes is a private, in-ground swimming pool. This provides a great opportunity for relaxation, either in the evenings when you are winding down from a whirlwind day of sightseeing, or on a well-earned day off. The privacy is great, and the pool just adds to the appeal of a vacation home.

When my family recently took a trip to Walt Disney World, we stayed in a beautiful vacation home with 2 other families. Our cost to rent the house was much lower than a hotel would have been. I can whole-heartedly say that the experience of staying in a vacation home enhanced our trip tremendously. We definitely saved money, and had a great time.

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