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Shows, Show Business, and More

Shows vary from educational and instructional lessons to pure entertainment. Regardless if you plan on putting on your own show or want to see a professional production, you are sure to enjoy yourself in a show of any topic. You may want to see a free show or spend thousands of dollars on a top notch show. Whatever your taste, be sure to take in any show that comes to your town so that you can get a broad spectrum of understanding for all types of shows.

Putting On Your Own Show

One of the favorite pastimes of childhood is staging a show. This show can range between a magic exhibition, dance recital, musical concert, or dramatic performance. In the end, your imagination is your only limit. If you have children who are interesting in putting on a show, foster their talent. You can whip up a quick and easy stage by hanging a curtain over a line or rope. Make a stage floor using strips of wood or even a pretty rug to designate the space. Decorative spot lights are perfect for adding the dramatic effect and a radio or CD player can provide the musical backdrop. If you find that your children have a special interest in show business, consider creating them a wardrobe closet. Your local thrift store is a gold mine for unique pieces of clothing, hats, and other accessories. Also, Halloween clearance sales will produce stage makeup and wigs for a little bit of money.

When adults put on a show, the production is typically a bit more professional. Consider hosting a show as a fundraiser event for your local charity or organization. Everything from impromptu tap dance routines to comedic sketches are perfect for these types of shows. Ask local companies to volunteer their services and provide extras in order to keep your costs low. For example, ask your local newspaper to donate space for advertisement, have a restaurant or bakery donate treats, have a lighting store loan the lights, and ask a local disk jockey or radio station to set up the sound equipment. In the end, the money you make for the charity will be as big of a reward as putting on the actual show.

Tips On Attending a Show

When it comes to attending shows in your area, you may be pleasantly surprised at the variety of productions available. Check out your local newspaper to see what community groups are putting on shows in your area. Also, these same newspapers are perfect for announcing national acts that are coming to your area. Whether you are anxiously awaiting that hit Broadway show that is coming to your town or that hip rock and roll band swooping into town for only one night, knowing is half the battle. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase tickets well in advance for many of these shows, as they can quickly become sold out. Furthermore, strive to arrive at to the show early so that you will not be late. When it comes to theatrical productions in addition to many other shows, the doors will close when the show begins, potentially leaving you out in the cold.

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