Movies Yesterday and Movies Today

Popularity of Movies in America

Movies are one of the most widely popular forms of entertainment in America today. Movies are made for people of all ages, with many choices of movies to see on a daily basis. Movies are also a way of socializing with friends. Often, when people go on dates they go to the movies; they are a good way to enjoy a show and then have something to talk about after seeing the movie. The popularity of movies in America has expanded, with many foreign countries producing movies, like India and England. People also go to the movies to escape, venturing into someone else’s world, often fictional.

How Movies Began

Movies began in the 19th century when it was realized that a camera could not only be used for taking still pictures, but also moving pictures. The Lumière brothers invented this camera that allowed for continuous motion on the screen. The first movies were not of the quality that we see today. They were in black and white and were often grainy and difficult to see. As the decades wore on, cinematography improved, giving movies a more crisp and textured look. Eventually, people caught on to the notion of ‘talkies’ or movies with sound, which has also continued to improve in movies. Early movies were known for simple plots and easily recognizable characters, such as cowboys and train robbers.

Life Before Movies

Before there were movies, there were stage acts, also commonly known under the term ‘vaudeville.’ These are stage plays with a series of acts that created a show, similar to a circus. There are family acts, juggling acts, singers, and dancers in vaudeville. There are also other branches of vaudeville, such as burlesque, known for its edgier comedy. While many people today go to the movies more than once or twice a week, before movies reached its high success, people had to wait for acts to come into town. They were held when the acts were available and when the talent was ready to perform, making their audience wait for their shows to come around.

Advancements in Making Movies

Today’s movies are much different than ones from the past. Even thirty years ago movies were of a lesser quality. Cinematography has improved, giving movies better lighting and angle effects. This is a result of advancement in camera technology. Movie cameras today are made especially for the big screen, and a cinematographer, or director of photography, would be an expert in camera angles and lighting. The advancement in movies is also due to the creative ideas and minds, like directors and actors. There have been many changes in both fields, which is apparent when modern movies are compared to older ones. The use of computers has also contributed to advancements in movies. Instead of filming a movie on location, which can be expensive, a filmmaker can create a background on a computer. This is also good for creating non-human characters, like in the most current Star Wars movies.

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