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Kansas has garnered a reputation as a laid-back kind of a state. It is one of few thrills, few attractions, and less lifestyle diversity. It lays smack in the middle of the United States and has garnered a reputation with plenty of stereotypes. Wheat and cornfields dominate the state, and there are no beaches to be found. However, the notion of Kansas not being fun is far from the truth. Kansas follows a more relaxed lifestyle with plenty of low cost Kansas real estate prices to boot. If you’re considering purchasing real estate in Kansas, it’s a good idea to check out the Kansas City area.

Kansas City is relatively a newer city compared to East Coast cities. It is booming in development and has a great cosmopolitan feel. It’s known for its deep jazz history. Its topography makes it unique for the average resident – with a population of 500,000 and 2 million people living in adjacent communities and towns, it is pretty spread out. Shopping options are abundant here, with Overland Park and outdoor plazas scattered about for outdoor shopping as well. Right now, its downtown area is constantly being renovated, especially the River Walk on the Missouri river. Just a little west lies the Westport area which holds plenty of high class establishments and fine cuisine.

Another town worth considering if you’re looking for Kansas real estate is Lawrence. Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas, one of the more renowned schools in the nation. It is more liberal compared to the rest of the conservative state. Its scenery is top notch, as it rests right on the Kansas River.

Yet another area worth considering for those seeking real estate is Wichita. It is a small city of 400,000 with a small town feel and just out of being a metropolitan area. It is the air capital of the world, being home to major aircraft companies like Boeing and Cessna. In addition, it’s a town peppered with restaurants, its own Sedgwick County zoo, and museums, along with the Joyland Amusement Park and minor league teams like the Wichita Wranglers and Wichita Thunder.

Right now, Kansas real estate is pretty cheap and there is plenty of choose from. Wichita single family homes cost anywhere in the $150,000 to $200,000 range while Lawrence homes cost around $280,000 to $350,000. The state’s appreciation rate is a little lower compared to the rest of the country at 5.5 percent, pretty much on par with all Midwestern states.

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