Oklahoma Real Estate

Oklahoma Real Estate Explained

Without a doubt, Oklahoma is one of the most cultured states in the country. Once dubbed “the Indian Territory,” the Oklahoma of today is a state made up of mostly flat land, with rolling hills spread throughout along with lakes that encourage plenty of water activity. Although it does not contain any breathtaking scenery like New Mexico or Maine, those interested in Oklahoma real estate will be pleased to know Oklahoma, by all accounts, is full of friendly people and tons of family oriented attractions.

Oklahoma real estate seekers would most likely begin in Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma. Home to more than one million people, its climate is really luxurious, with short winters, long summers, and windy springs and falls. On the flip side, Oklahoma is prone to more than 100 tornados every year. Mortgages in troublesome areas would have to be taken into consideration.

Oklahoma City is also home to an abundance of cultured neighborhoods, particularly Brick Town. Oklahoma City will introduce you to its bustling downtown area, where the state’s best restaurants and museums are located. Brick Town also has a Riverwalk along the waterfront full of fine cuisine and famous bars. In addition, Oklahoma real estate seekers would appreciate the Oklahoma City Zoo, ranked as one of the best in the country. With 2000 animals from all parts of the globe, it is a favorite tourist attraction right alongside the (more somber) Federal Building bombing memorial.

Another city worth considering for Oklahoma real estate is Tulsa. Tulsa is classically divided into two separate lifestyles. On one side, Tulsa is a bustling place with plenty of impressive architecture and art. On the other hand, it is also home to some of the most intense Christians in the country. It is considered to be the capital of the Bible Belt, a stretch of states that run across the middle of the country that is known for its “hardcore” Christian lifestyle. Because of these contrasts, the city of Tulsa is pretty unique.

For a dynamic city lifestyle with plenty to see along with country living, nothing beats Oklahoma. Right now, Oklahoma real estate prices are some of the lowest in the nation. A small home in Oklahoma City will cost you around $200,000 while Tulsa homes are abysmally low at $130,000 and less. However, appreciation rates are a little on the downside at 5 percent. This isn’t shocker, considering the low prices Oklahoma real estate has to offer.

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