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Louisiana Real Estate Explained

In light of last year’s Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused throughout New Orleans, it is important to note that Louisiana still maintains its status as a bona fide living destination. Louisiana real estate seekers will find Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an ideal place to live. Its state capitol, it is rich in the Southern charm made famous in that particular region.

Those interested in Louisiana real estate in Baton Rouge will find it is a city with stark contrasts. On one side, it is a booming university town backed by Louisiana State University. On the other side, Baton Rouge stamps its mark with its rich culture conveyed through its historic downtown area and historical sites. Its scenery is top notch, with colorful flowers and landscaping arrangements amongst the best in the nation.

Baton Rouge also has a diverse mix of homes. Louisiana real estate seekers that want to accumulate cash for the purpose of home buying can select from older neighborhood living made famous by its classic front porches to plantation home living where malls abound nearby. In addition, Louisiana State University has plenty of lakes surrounding it for easy marine activity.

Although New Orleans was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, it is important to realize that time will heal wounds and it will eventually go back to its old self. Being one of the most unique cities in the country, New Orleans boosts river steamboats, fine cuisine, old style homes, and an unmatched jazz scene. It has been popular for its French Quarter, a strip of streets with little markets and interesting spots like voodoo shops.

New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana is flush with character. No other state in the country possesses a blend of French influence and old plantation style living that is reminiscent of the 1800s. It has fine cuisine, the whole Mardi Gras theme, and a partying atmosphere to boot. Right now, the question of Louisiana real estate is up in the air. Before Hurricane Katrina, one family homes hovered in the $200,000 range. Appreciation rates were lower compared to East Coast states at 7 percent. Rest assured that the effects of Hurricane Katrina will only bring a new sense of revitalization to the area. Structures in New Orleans will be replaced and built again, which will boost Louisiana real estate opportunity. Don’t hesitate to do research on Louisiana real estate via the Internet in a few months time to see all of the developments it has to offer.

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