Nebraska Real Estate

Nebraska Real Estate Explained

Nebraska is one of the more peaceful states in the nation. It has a rich history of events that spanned from the expansion of the country to the west during its early years. Although it has achieved a reputation as being a flat state, its wheat fields really cast a peaceful glow over the state. Nebraska is relatively cheap compared to other states, so if you value cost savings, Nebraska real estate is right for you.

If you’re considering purchasing a home in Nebraska, consider the city of Lincoln. Although it is dominated by the University of Nebraska and is a college town by nature, it offers plenty for its residents, including small shops, cafes, and restaurants that a college town would normally have. On game day, 80,000 people pack the stadium to watch their football team win games.

Another city worth considering in purchasing Nebraska real estate is Omaha. Omaha is a small town offering a little but of everything. Omaha has markets, three malls (Oakview, Westroads, Crossroads) and the Heartland of America Park which has trails, a war memorial, and a huge fountain that sprays water 200 feet into the air. In addition, there are water activities along that foundation like boat rides. Omaha is also popular for its world renowned Henry Doorley Zoo, containing a walk through rainforest, latest style aquariums, and lots of rare species for animals. The Old Market in Omaha is good for anyone seeking Nebraska real estate. This area contains plenty of shops and restaurant, along with mini attractions like a carriage ride along the river.

Nebraska real estate is pretty cheap. Small homes can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $230,000 on average throughout the state. Its appreciate rates have been modest at 6 percent, which is amongst the lowest in the nation.

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