Alabama Real Estate

Appreciate Bona Fide Southern Charm with Alabama Real Estate

Alabama provides versatility when it comes to living. Separated into four main regions – mountain, city, river, and gulf coast, Alabama has the perfect blend of real estate for every taste. This state has an underrated metropolitan area loaded with activities, starting with Birmingham, its capital city. Home to the Talladega Superspeedway on one side and the Gulf Coast on the other, it is decision time for both beach revelers and city slickers.

Alabama is classically southern, with a penchant for college sports and NASCAR. It has the reputation of being an “old country” state, similar to West Virginia. However, it is also a very modern state with some of the top space programs in the country operating out of the state. Alabama real estate values increase with the presence of golf courses which has converted Alabama into one of the premier gold destinations in the country.

Alabama has plenty of reasons to start seeking out Alabama real estate. Hit the Alabama Gulf Coast and you’ll engage in white-sand beach revelry surrounding the area. Alabama beaches like Orange and Dauphin Island are renowned for their top-flight seafood cuisine and shopping areas as well. You can celebrate your new Alabama real estate and mix education with pleasure by visiting Civil War grounds like Fort Morgan and various Alabama wildlife areas.

A place worth considering for Alabama real estate is the town of Huntsville. It is the epitome of southern charm with plenty of public parks and nature reserves to enjoy. Outdoor activities are the norm here, with popular pastimes such as fishing and hunting being done by its residents. Mobile, a city made popular in the Forrest Gump movie, is another bona fide Alabama town. Its appearance and street layout is similar to that of New Orleans. Being a port city, it is beautiful but lacks a distinctive history, which gives it a mysterious air.

For the most part, Birmingham is also a great reason to start searching for Alabama real estate. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy world-class golf ranges attracting thousands of tourists yearly and enjoy a conglomeration of both wildlife and marine life through its wide selection of trails and hunting grounds. Right now, Alabama real estate is pretty affordable compared to the rest of the United States. An average home costs in the $200,000 range. Alabama real estate has a low appreciation rate of 7.5, lower than New Jersey’s and higher than most Midwestern states which put it slightly below the national average.

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