Tennessee Real Estate

Grace & Style Defines Tennessee Real Estate

Tennessee is a state characterized by its ever-famous “southern hospitality.” It is characterized by the prairies peppering the state along with its high and low mountains and love for country music. It is versatile in that there are both industrial areas and agricultural areas littered with horse farms, with the Appalachian Mountains on the horizon. If you’re considering buying some Tennessee real estate, the lowest mortgage rates can be had in Memphis. Memphis is smack in a very central location in the state; a medium-sized metropolitan area with about 1 million people and home to one of the busiest airports in the world in Memphis International.

Memphis is a big city with a small town feel. Tennessee real estate seekers will enjoy a vibrant downtown area peppered with blues bars and restaurants. In addition, it is a shopping and cuisine haven. Memphis is particularly known for its barbecue restaurants. A favorite amongst locals is Beale Street, an area lined with clubs and plenty of restaurants touting the “finest ribs in the South.” Similar to New Orlean’s Bourbon Street but more relaxed, Beale Street is one of the many attractions Memphis has to offer. If you’re looking for blues and country music with an Elvis obsession, Memphis is the place.

Another place Tennessee real estate seekers can consider is the city of Chattanooga. Located in the Appalachian mountains, its scenic backdrop is beautiful – resting right between two mountain peaks with the Tennessee River splitting it in two. It is a solid town with a university, an airport, and corporate buildings. The place of choice for Tennessee real estate seekers is its River Walk area with its cache of attractions along it, including an Aquarium and eateries.

Knoxville is another choice for Tennessee real estate seekers. It is surrounded by illustrious mountain ranges and is a beautiful city with a relaxed atmosphere, with the exception of the University of Tennessee area which has one of the largest student populations in the country. Overall, Tennessee real estate is very inexpensive. Expect a home in Knoxville or Memphis to run from $180 to $250,000 while Nashville homes roll along the $210,000 range. Although East Coast cities have a higher appreciate rate, Tennessee is right alongside with a consistent 7 percent. Look to buying a piece of Tennessee real estate today to enjoy the heart of Graceland and the picturesque scenery that the entire state has to offer its fine residents.

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