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Minnesota means more than the famous nickname “Twin Cities.” Making up of two thriving, up-and-coming cities in Minneapolis and St.Paul, it is definitely a place to look for prime Minnesota real estate. Both cities have a low crime rate and is more on the quiet side, offering little in the way of nightclubs and cuisine throughout the city. Water aficionados looking for Minnesota Real Estate will be happy to know the state contains more than 10,000 lakes. Fishing is huge in Minnesota, with streams in the south ready for your bait. Because of the cold winter seasons, real estate seekers can ice fish in thousands of frozen rivers scattered throughout its terrain.

The city of Minnesota is noted for its versatility with the seasons. Winters are extremely harsh with snow at every turn. Summers are picture perfect with outdoor activities being done like clockwork, especially water related activities as described previously. Watching ice melt into water is the hallmark of the springtime, and fall is definitely similar to what you see on nature calendars.

Checking for Minnesota Real Estate in Duluth is an excellent idea. The biggest port city in northern Minnesota, it is in close proximity to the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin, a fishing refuge providing a gateway to the north. Ships go through Duluth’s channels on a regular basis, so applying for mortgages on Minnesota Real Estate with a view of the lift bridges is an excellent proposition.

Minneapolis is also an excellent live to live in for real estate seekers. It is home to the largest mall in America, rightfully named “The Mall of America.” In addition, Minneapolis is home to the Valleyfair amusement park which has drawn comparisons to Magic Mountain in Disneyland. For a taste of classic arctic-like scenery, Minnesota Real Estate seekers can visit the St. Croix River north of Minneapolis. Right on the Wisconsin border, this place is famous for its high cliffs and antique buildings. It is a welcoming change from the metropolitan life of the Twin Cities.

Minnesota real estate is a little lower with appreciation rates than the rest of the country, with a nine percent figure. However, a place like Rochester, Minnesota – a high class suburban area with a laid-back living style, has homes in the $200,000 range while homes in the Twin Cities go for $400,000 and up, usually. Look to Minnesota real estate as a solid investment for you and your family.

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