North Carolina Real Estate

North Carolina Real Estate in a Nutshell

Without a doubt, North Carolina is one of the most dynamic states in the country. It is versatile in that it provides plenty of lifestyles to choose from. It has its own mountain ranges which is the epitome of a relaxed, non stress lifestyle with plenty of beautiful scenery to boot. North Carolina real estate could be had there in the form of small towns, twisting roads, and plenty of pine trees.

North Carolina real estate can also provide you with country living. The North Carolinian plans are a hotspot for college universities, such as Duke, North Carolina State, and University of North Carolina. Head east and you should expect to see a wide array of different beaches peppered with small towns and plenty of water activities. North Carolina real estate is only increasing in value today because its towns and cities have consistently won various nationwide polls on such criteria as “Best Places to Live.”

One of the best places to look for North Carolina real estate is Charlotte. The largest city in North Carolina, it has grown to enormous proportions throughout the last ten years. This is partially attributed to city development officials who have devised an excellent plan to increase its influence in the South. In retrospect, it is a southern city that’s more modern than the rest. It is not on the level of Memphis or Savannah in terms of true southern roots because of its modern traits, but its development can be for good or for worse in providing it a true identity.

Another place to look for North Carolina real estate is Raleigh. Raleigh is the beacon of college life in North Carolina, with colleges Duke and UNC within close proximity of each other. It is a quaint little town that offers both a relaxed lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of college town living. If you’re looking for North Carolina real estate, you would be pleased to know that North Carolina real estate is inexpensive compared to other states. A small home in Charlotte will cost you around $200,000 while homes in the Raleigh area will cost around $220,000 to $250,000. Throughout the last several years, North Carolina real estate has been really overdeveloped, which has caused modest appreciation rates as 6 to 7 percent.

Look to a piece of North Carolina real estate today to enjoy the lifestyles mountains, plains, and hot beaches have to offer.

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