Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools are Worth Every Penny

Swimming pools are a wonderful luxury to have during the hot summer months. These fantastic basins filled with cool and refreshing water can really invigorate you when you are feeling sluggish and over heated. Although swimming pools used to be very costly and a device only enjoyed by the rich, they have dropped drastically in price so that even low-to-middle income families can partake of their pleasures.

Swimming pools can vary in cost dramatically depending on the size, material and type of swimming pool you choose to buy and install. An above-ground swimming pool is the most cost effective since they range in price from fifteen hundred to five thousand dollars and can be installed relatively easily and in just a few hours. They are also practical because they can be taken anywhere and reinstalled. In-ground pools are much more costly. They come in concrete/gunite, fibreglass and vinyl. The concrete/gunite pools are the most expensive at anywhere from seventeen thousand to forty-five thousand dollars a pop. Next on the money scale are the fibreglass pools ranging between fifteen thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars; and last on that list are vinyl pools costing between seven and ten thousand dollars.

Generally the installation of the pool is included in the price of the pool and is done by the professional installer employed by the company from whom you buy the pool. The different types of pool require different installation techniques and these techniques, along with the price, will largely determine what kind of pool is more suited to your property. For example since fibre glass pools are delivered in their final shape, they must be lifted off a flatbed truck and lowered into the excavated hole in your backyard. So, only homes with land enough to accommodate a flatbed truck and crane will be able to opt for this kind of pool.

Along with a new pool come other costs that may affect your pool purchase - for example you will need a filtration system, all of the pool cleaning chemicals that are needed for maintaining a proper ph balance and chlorine balance and, in colder climates, some sort of heating system.

No matter what you choose a swimming pool is always a great way of cooling down in the summer and really taking advantage of the hot weather!

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