Above Ground Pool

Have you Thought About an Above Ground Pool?

Those who live in extremely warm climates or have very warm summers love to cool off in a pool - that is why personal pools are so popular. One of the most common forms of the personal pool is an above ground pool. These nifty creations are great for those who cannot afford the costly excavation and installation of an in-ground pool which can run anywhere from ten to twenty thousand dollars depending on the size and type of pool being bought.

Above ground pools are easy to install and, depending on the model, require little or no preparation of the site before hand. What you will have to ensure when buying an above ground pool is that the site you choose for your pool is a minimum of ten feet away from any power lines, sewer lines or septic tanks. These guidelines may vary according to the bylaws of your neighbourhood. Once you have determined that the spot you have chosen is acceptable for the installation of an above ground pool then you must level the ground out properly so that the pool is perfectly level. Once that is done you must cover the site with some form of protection from the ground. Some of the newer types of ground covers include Styrofoam which acts as an insulator as well as a ground cover protection for the pool. Next you get to install your pool!

Although the installation of an above ground pool can be done by someone who is competent and who knows what they are doing, it is always preferable to have it set up by the company which sold it to you because they will know exactly what to do and, sometimes, a store's guarantee will not cover damages made during the pool's installation if it was not done by them.

Once you have your pool up and running it is imperative that you follow certain safety guidelines - keep the pool gated or the ladder access to the pool out of reach of children at all times unless there is an adult present to watch them. Having a pool to splash around in during the summer is wonderful - but accidents can and do happen so it is always important to take precautions to ensure that you and your family can have fun safely.

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