Hot Tubs

Are Hot Tubs Right for you?

Hot tubs are those delicious, hot-water filled tubs with powerful jets for massaging muscles. Great for relaxing in after a long day hot tubs are a major investment that warrant careful research before making the final purchase.

As with any other major buy it is a good idea to shop around before your decide on the final hot tub. There are so many models and styles that you should try them out to see what seats are most comfortably for you, if it fits with your family needs and what kind of warranty you get for the different parts of the tub. Since pumps are especially expensive to replace you should look for a place with an extended warranty on your pump. You should also find out what kind of dealer you are buying the tub from. You need to buy from someone with solid, after-sale customer service and not a dealer who won't answer your calls once you have signed on the dotted line. You should also find out how and where your tub with be delivered. If you want the tub to be placed in the backyard but the dealer will only drop it off in front of the house, then moving it to its final position yourself might be a problem given the massive weight of a hot tub.

Most of the spas available today on the market are so-called portable spas. So-called because they still weight several hundred pounds when empty and moving them requires a special truck. However, that said, portable spas have an advantage over the in-ground spas because the water pumps, drainage and electrical works are self-contained and the hot tubs merely have to be plugged in to work. Many people though like to encase their hot tubs in decks or other forms of siding thereby rendering them immoveable. The portable hot tubs are also popular because they are much easier to maintain and because of their moulded design.

Hot tubs are a real luxury and worth every penny of their price. If you cannot afford the price of a full-sized tub, then consider the purchase of a two-person hot tub or even a used one. In the end, buying and using a hot tub will cost you more money, but if you are willing to spend it then you will definitely enjoy it!

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