Rafting Vacations

A Guide for Your Rafting Vacations

Do you want fast and thrilling action among some amazing, and even peaceful scenery? Try rafting down a raging river. Whitewater rafting is a wonderful combination of adventure and relaxation, so it's no wonder so many people opt to enjoy taking a river rafting vacation. If you've decided to check out an amazing adventure like rafting for your next vacation, here are some handy tips to help you get the most out of it.

Consider river rafting with an experienced river guide, especially if it's your first time out. There are several reasons for planning a rafting vacation with a guide. Professional whitewater rafting guides love what they do, and it shows, translating their love into a very special experience for you.

Guides can guide you safely through the best and worst parts of your ride. They are also experts in the geography of the area, and can teach you a lot about the beautiful area you're either zooming or crawling by. Guides usually plan and prepare each route themselves, and can tell you interesting stories about the topography, climate, and wildlife. They can share a few personal anecdotes too.

Additionally, and very importantly, many river guides are certified in whitewater rescue and CPR, and also know advanced first aid. Trained in several safety precautions, they're not only there to see you have a great time, but that you have a safe one too. Be sure to find a tour company that has guides trained in this manner, since not all outfitters do.

Professional whitewater rafting guides know all about the equipment and usually have the best available. They can also give you a complete run down regarding what you should and shouldn't wear and bring with you.

Not only do professional guides know every detail about whitewater rafting, its equipment and the safety needs that surround it, but on many trips, they're also a chef, campsite planner, photographer and more. River guides can truly serve many purposes in making your rafting vacation special. It must be something in the water!

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