Have you Taken a Dip in a Sauna Lately?

There is nothing more invigorating than the thought of a steamy sauna followed by a quick dip in a refreshingly cool pool. In fact, saunas are fantastic for more than just invigorating the mind and body - they are also great for unclogging blocked pores, relaxing tired muscles, for getting rid of toxins and for giving your body an overall healthy glow. There are two types of saunas - wet and dry. The wet versions are what people call "steam baths"

Saunas are very popular in Finland where steamy shacks are built right next to frozen lakes and ponds. People go straight from those tropical huts into the freezing waters shocking their systems into action. Saunas were also in use way back in Roman times when the Roman bath was a vital part of every Roman's day. Romans would spend an hour or two every day at the baths - taking in the refreshing waters and basking in the steamy rooms of the sauna. The merits of saunas are fully understood and are a big part of the reason why they are still so popular.

In North America we can find saunas in fitness centres and health clubs around the country. Those who can afford to indulge themselves also have them built into their homes, although building a sauna in your home is an expensive proposal and cannot really be undertaken by the average person. Many fitness centres use the sauna as a selling point for their club because of the popularity of these steamy rooms. In most fitness clubs saunas are separated for use by men and for use by women since most people prefer using the sauna either in the nude or in their bathing suits. Some people are unable to withstand the high temperatures in the sauna for very long - and, in fact, it is not recommended to spend more than twenty minutes at a time in the extreme heat found in these hot houses.

If you have never tried a sauna then you definitely have no idea what you are missing. If you can afford to find a spa where they have a sauna and treat yourself to its curative powers, then you should do so. Or, if you have a friend with a gym membership then ask them if you could accompany them one day to find out just why saunas are so wonderful - you will definitely never regret it!

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