Palm Springs Vacations

Palm Springs Vacations Offer Variety

Beautiful is a good word to describe Palm Springs, where there are beautiful people and beautiful scenery. Palm Springs is the golfing and tennis mecca, a laid-back desert oasis, and Hollywood's playground. Famously glamorous with a retro-cool "ring a ding" vibe, it's no wonder many people choose to vacation there.

Increasingly, Palm Springs is embracing the phrase "Everything old is new again." Folks who want to feel a bit of nostalgia will find that mixed in with the new, as many hotels and resorts from the city's 60's heyday are being given award-winning facelifts and thorough renovations, featured in top architectural magazines. Palm Springs is both throwback and modern at the same time. You can still choose the old-school cocktails at noon lifestyle and admire your hotel's funky decor, or squeeze in a new-age yoga class and massage situated in the desert before relaxing by the pool. It's always happy hour when you're on a Palm Springs vacation!

And if you enjoy spending time in the sun, you'll find something to suit you on a Palm Springs vacation. Indulge your active side in one of over 600 tennis courts or more than 80 golf courses. If you like to swim, look out! You'll probably dunk your feet or get splashed without even intending to, because there are at least 10,000 swimming pools in the area.

Palm Springs is also a great place to take an easy bike ride or hike. There are several nature parks and natural museums where you can stretch your legs, see beautiful desert vistas and learn about the local wildlife. You can see several different kinds of topography by taking the 14-minute and 9,000-foot gondola ride at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up to Mt. San Jacinto, the steepest peak in North America.

For culture vultures, or on bad-weather days, there is the Palm Springs Desert Museum, home to several desert-related exhibits, Native American artifacts and works by Western artists. If art's not your thing, try the Palm Springs Air Museum. Either place is a good way to learn something while you're on your Palm Springs vacation.

Palm Springs... it's "hot", it's "cool"... it's a getaway that has something for everyone!

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