San Jose Vacations

Why Haven't You Considered a San Jose Vacation?

Do you know the way to San Jose? While you're figuring it out, consider the San Jose area for a vacation. That's right! San Jose may not be the first thing you think of for a vacation destination, but a San Jose vacation can be a great way to go. San Jose was recently dubbed "The Third Most Fun City in America" by Cranium, Inc. It's widely acknowledged as the first city in California. And it's California's third largest city and the nation's tenth-largest metro market. Just 45 minutes south of the heart of San Francisco, and the heart of "Silicon Valley" itself, San Jose is rapidly becoming a new travel destination for business travelers and tourists alike.

San Jose has a very diverse population, along with a special festival to celebrate many of them. There's the Chinese Summer Festival, the Juneteenth Festival, a Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Vietnamese Tet festival, and the Italian Family Festival, just to name a few. Another way to see the widespread cultures San Jose has to offer is to check out the Japantown section of the city.

History and culture buffs will love to experience the enormous and gorgeous Cathedral Bascillica of Saint Josepf. Built in 1877, it's been recently restored, including the immense stained glass windows. Masses are still held here, in English and Spanish. Over 225 years ago, Old Town San Diego was the area's first mission. Many performers and galleries are in the artsy area. Speaking of artsy, be sure to stop by the San Jose Museum of Art.

Shopping options offer everything from luxe to bargain. Check out Santana Row, a new upscale shopping and dining center. A huge mall that will meet anyone's need to collect a few shopping bags is the Great Mall of the Bay Area. And if you want to brag to friends at home about the great find you found in San Jose, don't miss the San Jose Flea Market. It covers more than 120 acres, and is one of the largest flea markets in the world!

If you're going on a San Jose vacation with your kids, don't worry! For kids, there are many popular and award-winning choices. Satisfy your children's curiosity and need for speed with Paramount's Great America theme park with all kinds of rides, events and activities just for them (and adults will have fun too.) There's also the Children's Discover Museum right on the Guadalupe River Park and the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.

Find the way to a San Jose vacation today. You'll be glad you did.

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