San Diego Vacations

Places to Go On Your San Diego Vacations

Has someone ever told you that you belong in the zoo? Before you think they're insulting you, consider that they may just be recommending that you go on a San Diego vacation! With the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park as one of its highlights, San Diego is a very popular vacation destination.

San Diego has a perfect climate almost year-round, and great variety of things to do, make it a great spot to add to your vacation wish list. There are four highlights you don't want to miss on your San Diego vacation.

The San Diego Zoo

As mentioned, the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park is a well-visited and well-loved destination. "World famous" is actually part of its name! The zoo usually tops on the list of everyone who visits the city. It hosts giant pandas, apes and gorillas, crocodiles, hippos, polar bears, tigers... everything and anything you've ever and never heard of! And you can see it all in many different ways, too - on foot, by bus, or via aerial tram. Most tours are available in English or Spanish.

Coronado Island

Any San Diego vacation should include a visit to Coronado Island. Coronado Island is home to some wonderful and award-winning beaches. In fact, Coronado Beach was recently awarded "#1 Family Beach" by The Travel Channel. The beach sand at Coronado sparkles like sugar because the sand contains the mineral Mica. Coronado Island also houses the famous Hotel del Coronado, the largest wooden structure in the U.S. "The Del" is a beautiful Victorian-style hotel built in 1888 and is a National Historic Landmark.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park not only is home to the San Diego Zoo, it also has beautiful gardens and an amazing cultural arts scene. The park bills itself as "America's largest urban cultural park" and features 15 museums and art galleries. The Tony Award-winning Globe Theaters make their home in Balboa Park as well.

The Neighbor

While you're on your San Diego vacation, consider checking out Mexican culture in Tijuana, just 30 minutes from San Diego. Baja coastal towns Rosarito and Ensenada are also nearby. Buy Mexican arts, furniture and handicrafts, and practice your haggling skills, as you stroll down Avenida Revolución. Be sure to stick around the area through the evening for a taste of the city's food and famed nightlife.

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