Water Sports

The Impacts of Water Sports

Whether in or out of the water, there is not doubt that water sports hold an attraction to many people. At some stage most people engage in some type of water sport either competitively or merely as recreation. Some water sports enjoyed in the water itself, like swimming, water skiing, scuba diving and surfing whilst others are on top of the water such as sailing, canoeing and kayaking. What ever your pleasure at some stage you will participate in a waters sport.

Swimming would have to be the most popular of all water sports as not only is it a sport on its own but is also the prerequisite for most other water sports. Swimming can be fun and games with the family, used to keep fit or competitively by joining a swimming club. The is pool swimming and also open water. You can swim in lakes, rivers, the beach and in a pool.

Scuba diving is another water sport that is very popular. It is necessary to undergo training to use scuba gear but well worth the effort for the enthusiast.

Surfing is a solo sport it status has changed over the years. Surfers are no longer regarded as beach bums and drop outs but sports people and at a professional level achieve quite a high status another type of surfing is windsurfing and put into simple terms it is surfing using a board with a sail and catching the wind to propel you along.

Canoeing and kayaking, remember Davy Crockett paddling his way along a river with his famous hat? In those days a canoe or kayak was only a mode of transport, today we use them for pleasure, to race and also to fish from, as well as a mode of transport.

Fishing is as old as mankind itself almost and its popularity has increased. Once fishing was only for food and although the thought of eating fresh fish caught by our own hand is appealing, the are many recreational fishermen and women who catch and release the fish. Fishing can be done from a boat, in a river, lake stream or ocean, standing on a beach, off rocks or on the banks of a river or lake.

Water skiing combines the love of water with speed, being pulled along on either two or one ski, by a rope attached to a fast boat is a exhilarating experience. Very experienced skiers can actually ski barefoot.

Water Polo is a team sport played in the pool sort of a cross between netball and hockey I suppose, only played in water. Very physical and players need to be extremely fit. When is come to water there is probably a sport for you somewhere either in, on or below the surface.

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