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Look at the Sports Stores

There are all kinds of sports stores. Some that sell a little of every thing and others that are more specialized. Then there are the large stores that carry a wide selection of products.

What your sports store carries is completely based and has  to do with the location. If you are in a hunting area it is obvious that hunting and camping equipment will be main products stocked. If you are near ocean you can expect a range of surfing equipment, fishing and scuba gear. There are some mega stores that will carry all these things but those are located in the larger cities and areas.

Many sports Stores are franchises, all individually owned but trading under one name and set of business standards, with many being stocked by Head Office, who also tell them when to have a sale, what items to put on sale and what discount price will be applicable. These stores are dotted across the country and will only differ by the stock they sell because of their location.

Other sports store are individually owned and operated, your local fishing store near the ocean, or hunting store in country areas are likely to be owned this way. They can stock what they think will sell, have a sale when they want to and decide what they will mark down.

Sports stores in city or suburban areas carry a variety of sporting gear, gym equipment and sports clothing. Everything from treadmills, to footballs, swimming costumes and golf shoes to tennis rackets, mouth guards, golf tees and t-shirts. These sports stores try to cater for everyone, men, women and children.

Large department stores also have a sporting section and depending on the store can carry a good selection. It is usually broken up into two areas, sporting and camping and there are usually a few items in between.

Many colleges have their own sports store to cater for the many sport played at college level. Some sports stores also give discount s to students from a college or university nearby.

Camping stores also come under the category of sports stores. These stores carry small items such as compasses, matches, food items, cooking utensils, cookers as well as clothing appropriate to the conditions, sleeping bags of all warmth ratings and blankets, tents of all shapes and sizes, canoes and kayaks and prospecting equipment. They usually also have a good selection of maps of not only the local area but also further out in the district.

Buying sports goods on eBay is becoming more popular with some really good deals to be had. Some pieces of equipment have never been used and can be bought at a great price if you are prepared to buy with first seeing the goods.

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