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Other Sports in Winter

As the days get shorter (and noticeably colder!), and snow fall is being reported from the mountains it is time to accept that winter is indeed coming. Not every region is blessed with the kind of year-round, temperate weather that suits many outdoor enthusiasts. When you think of extreme sports, most people think of skateboarding and BMX, not exactly winter-compatible pursuits unless you live near an indoor park. If you do find yourself looking for a new winter activity consider some of the following cold weather, adrenaline-infused sports.

The first sport to think about is snowboarding. Snowboarding is probably the best known winter activity among those that are considered "extreme sports". After suffering for years with the image of being a mangy cousin to the hybrid sport of skiing, snowboarding has come into its own. Not only recognized as a skilled pursuit, snowboarding has joined the ranks of Olympic sports.

Another popular winter time sport is called ice biking. This is a sport for those dedicated cyclists who see opportunity where others see black ice and packed snow. Similar to warm weather cycling, ice biking can be done on road or trails. Some modifications may be necessary (studded tires) and techniques differ depending on the riding conditions. There are online resources such as Icebike.org that provide more information.

Snowmobiling hasn't always been considered a true action sport. However, as with many other sports, it has gone through an evolution. These days, snowmobiles are catching air and being subject to more complicated aerial maneuvers.

Free skiing- Add skiing to the list of sports that has undergone an innovative evolution. No longer just a trip downhill; freeskiiers are combining freestyle tricks with their beloved downhill sport. Many resorts have included terrain parks with rails, tabletops and funboxes to accommodate the freestyle sports.

Snowbiking - (also called skibiking and skibob) A ski bike resembles a mountain bike but with ski's instead of wheels. These bikes can be used strictly for downhill as well as for BMX tricks. (This video link shows snowbikers doing tail whips, back flips and grinding the rails).

Ice climbing involves using crampons and ice axes to scale a frozen formation (i.e.- a waterfall). Ouray Ice Festival is an annual ice-climbing competition held yearly in Colorado.

No matter what sport you participate in during the winter time, these other sports as they are called, you should always be careful and maintain an accurate knowledge of your surroundings. The winter time conditions can play havoc on the ground and such so make sure that you are never doing any of these activities alone, meaning that even if you do not have someone to go with you, make sure that there is a crowd of people there anyway.

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