Spirit - Let's Hear It! Cheerleading's Effect On Sports

Cheerleading is a predominantly female sport that involves getting a crowd excited about a particular sporting event or situation. In general, sports that have cheerleaders present are basketball and football. While not all schools have cheerleading, there is a lot of cheerleading in college and high school. Professional sports also have cheerleading. Because cheerleading has become so popular in the mainstream sporting world, it has also been made into a competitive sport that requires athletic ability and gymnastics. Here is some more detailed information about cheerleading:

Who Cheers

Cheerleading is a sport for students and professionals. Cheerleaders, while usually girls, can be both genders. In general, cheerleaders are full of enthusiasm and are capable of performing gymnastic stunts, such as flips and high jumps. Most cheerleaders are also very good with keeping rhythm, as they are required to clap and cheer at the same time as they move about the floor.

Is it a Sport?

Cheerleading is considered to be a sport. Like any other sport, cheerleading requires teamwork, practice and athletic ability. Cheerleaders have to be dedicated to learning their jumps and their cheers while at the same time keeping a positive, crowd-pleasing attitude. Cheerleading is also highly competitive in many parts of the country and pulls huge crowds of on-lookers for cheerleading competitions.

How You Can Be a Cheerleader

If you are a student in high school or college, the chances that you will become a cheerleader are much higher than if you were a graduate. Cheerleading is a popular sport for girls in high school in college. Most high schools have a Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleading squad. Some colleges even have more than one cheerleading team to choose from for the events. Professional athletic teams will hire cheerleaders on a contract basis. If you would like to be a cheerleader, the best thing you can do is continue to practice your cheers and your gymnastics. Look job positions on school teams or look for paying gigs where a cheerleader is necessary.

Cheerleading is a fun event for men and women. It is predominantly an American sports and finds most of its usage in high school and college. However, professional athletic teams such as basketball and football also have cheering teams. Cheerleaders need to be energetic, crowd pleasing and athletic. They will need to stay at the top of their game for an entire sporting event, getting the crowd excited and supporting the athletes. For many sporting events, cheerleading is the half-time show and highlights the athletic abilities of cheerleaders.

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