Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation are for your Benefit

Americans have more and more free time in fact a studies show that we have over 5 hours a week more free time than we did in the 60’s. Unfortunately, there is a lot less that most Americans do with there free time now than during the 1960s.  As a society, there are now far less active Americans than there used to be.  This has lead to a country of laziness.

Recreation is the therapeutic refreshment of the body or the mind. Your body will thank you at a later point for this stimulation. Recreation is active and you are the participant whereas leisure is more resting and entertaining.

The choice of hours for sport and recreation is limited by our working or studying hours, but most likely after business hours or weekends is the most common time for people to participate. As people in the world’s wealthier regions lead increasingly more sedentary life styles the need for sport and recreation has grown. Activities were we move a lot and get the heart rate up are important for our health, sport and recreation in adults is essential to prevent some forms of disease. Obesity, heart disease etc plus those with forms of illness, symptoms can be eased by exercise. Recreation also alleviates stress, which is one of the biggest killers in America today. Play and exercise is essential for children, not only for warding off childhood obesity which can lead to a life time of medical problems but also for the development of motor skills.

There are many for forms of recreation. Naturally, sport is one of the first things we think of. There are all the usual and common sports such as tennis, swimming, athletics, football, baseball, golf, etc. But there are also a lot of less structured recreational activities we do. We have some amazing national parks where we can hike, the is orienteering, mountain biking, canyoning. Then there is could also prospecting, you never know you may make your fortune whilst having fun. If relaxing around water is more your style think about fishing or maybe paddling up a river.

Closer to home many people use their garden as a form of recreation. Bending and digging is certainly a good form of exercise. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. A brisk walk tones the muscles, works the lungs and heart and makes you feel good. Getting together with you partner, or friends and have your own walking group or for a bit of solitude just take the dog. Speaking of dogs, joining a dog club or obedience training group with Rover is another recreation where you get exercise, Rover gets exercise and trained and you meet other people who share an interest in their pets.

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