Take Me to the Rodeo - How Riders Manage the Buck and How You Can Too!

When people think of rodeo, images of cowboys and bulls usually come to the forefront of their minds. Rodeo is the athletic event that takes place when a cowboy or wrangler rides a bull for as long as possible. Of course, there are other smaller events that go into the average rodeo, but in general, a rodeo is equated with bull-riding. If you are interested in attending a rodeo or in being involved in a rodeo, then take some time to read through these basic informational tips. Rodeo riding is rather hard and the sport tends to be very regional. However, if you have the drive and dedication, you can rodeo just about anywhere.

What is Rodeo?

The rules of rodeo are very simple. Basically, a cowboy waits atop a bull inside of a pin. When the door to the pin is released, the bull charges out into a stadium. The rodeo stadium is about the size of a football field and has a dirt or mud base to it. The cowboy or wrangler must then stay on the bull for as long as possible, which is difficult because the bull will buck and attempt to throw the rider off. When the rider is thrown off of the bull, he must scramble to get away from the bull, as the bull will be annoyed and will continue to buck.

Where Can I Watch a Rodeo?

The best place to watch a rodeo is out in the American West. Just about every state or locality has a group of rodeo riders. The sport is highly respected in states like Montana and Wyoming. Cheyenne is home to world famous annual rodeos that draw on-lookers from all over the region. If you are interested in finding a rodeo in a non-western state, then look to your local state fairs for good rodeos.

How Can I Try Rodeo?

If you would like to try your hand at rodeo, the best advice you can receive is: think twice. Rodeo has a huge number of injuries, including spinal and head injuries. A bull is much larger and heavier than a human and, therefore, poses a great risk to your health when you attempt to ride it. However, if you must try a rodeo, then it is a good idea to look for rodeo fairs and beginner clinics in your area. If there are none, then consider enrolling in a rodeo camp in a western American state.

Rodeo is a wonderful spectator sport that involves massive crowd support and suspense. Rodeo riders try to stay on the bull the longest in order to win the rodeo. However, because the bull will likely not be pleased to have you on his back, it is very hard to stay on for long. If you are interested in watching a rodeo, investigate options at your state fair. Otherwise, attend one of the many rodeos that take place in the American West, other wise know as Rodeo Land.

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