Sports Gear

Sports Gear is Essential

Every sport has at least one piece of equipment needed to either play the sport or to make it easier or more enjoyable. One should keep in mind though that the right kind of equipment is essential for each sport.  However, if there is no talent or desire to succeed within the participant for each sport, then all the equipment in the world will not matter for success.  If a person is drive to win and succeed, the right kind of gear will only further that desire.

Let’s start with football, not only do you need a ball but also padding and helmets to protect the players and mouth guards. With baseball you need a ball, bat and base plates, for tennis again you need a ball and rackets.

Sports gear makers make a fortune each year from the bits and pieces needed for our sports, even swimmers need goggles and caps and surfers need surfboards, leg ropes and wax. Most body surfers will use flippers as will scuba divers along the goggles, bottles, regulators. Most of this equipment doesn’t last all that long especially at a professional level and sports gear needs to be replaced.

Fishing gear is one of the sports gear categories that you constantly buy. Fishermen are always in need of more hooks, sinkers and floats. Line has to be replaced on reels and bearing oiled or replaced in reels. Buying bait is one of the things you can’t avoid unless you only use lures, but then, you have to replace them too. Hunters have to buy bullets, scopes, knives on an ongoing basis.

Golfers too have a habit of losing golf balls, breaking tees and looking for the newest driver on the market that may give him an extra meter or two or the putter that will help him putt that little bit better. Tennis players break rackets or need to have them restrung. Cyclists need new tires, brakes, reflectors.

All sports gear has not only to be purchased in the beginning but constantly replaced. Then there are the incidentals, carry bags for the gear, carry bags for our clothing, drink bottles, sun screen and insect repellent, towels.

Then there are roof racks for skis, surfboards etc, trolleys for pulling golf bags, bike racks, pad locks, anchors and ropes for boats and water skiers, wet suits, snow boards. And we haven’t even walked into the gym yet, weights, benches, gym balls, medicine balls, aerobic mats, yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, steps, skipping ropes, exercise bikes and all manner of equipment.

To mention every piece of sports gear for every sports gear would take pages and a lot of time to compile but one thing is certain, there is money in sport and you don’t even have to play.

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