Team Sports

Team Sports are Common

Team sports are played everywhere. As you are reading this somewhere there are groups of people pitting their skills in their particular sport against each other in friendly rivalry. From having a friendly match down the local park with a few friends to playing at professional level, teams sports are about friendship, sport, pride and yes fun.

Children at school level are encouraged to play team sports. Being a member of a team teaches children to interact with others and encourages team spirit and pride. As we reach adulthood team sports can become an intricate part of our lives, providing us not only with a sport but the social benefits of belonging to a team and playing for a particular club.

No matter where you live in the world there seems to be a code of Football, each different yet similar. Young boys don their football boots and join their team, each striving to be like their football heroes, the greats of the game. Right through school and college they play, the top players turning professional. The same can be said for baseball and of course basketball. Not only are these team sports played by so many but the fans following these sports contribute to the popularity. Fans in their teams' colors carrying banners and streamers to the games, cheering for their team. These team sports bond not only the players, coaches and officials but also the fans.   As it is now becoming one of the more popular sports in the world, NASCAR, is a dominant team sport.  Many might say that it is not a team sport but there is a pit crew and a driver, not just a driver.

There are many other team sports as well, such as hockey, ice hockey, netball and water polo to name a few. In fact even a solo sport can become a team. When you have a group of sports people all representing their school, college, district, state or country they are classed as a team even though there particular sport may be a solo sport such as athletics, swimming, tennis, golf etc. being part of that squad and wearing a uniform increases your thoughts for other members and pride in what you represent.

For lonely people, joining a team is one way to meet new people and get involved in a sport and social outlet at the same time. It can increase confidence and indeed fitness all at once. In team sports the members work as a unit, each person doing their part for the good of the team. They are there to back each other up and hopefully win the game. During training members work out their strategies, train to get fit and bond with each other. Joining a team sport may be the best thing you can do.

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