The World of Wrestling

When one thinks of wrestling in this day and age, we automatically think of what is on television and commonly referred to as sports entertainment with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Sting. However, it is also a sport where two opponents want to take control of each other and all without striking the other. This is a sport that has evolved itself with many different types with as many forms and styles. These consist of stadium events to collegiate sporting to local amateur events. The body that governs this sport is known as the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles. Some specific styles are Judo, Sambo, and Greco-Roman.

Modern day professional forms of wrestling can trace their beginnings back to the early traveling carnivals, which is where a few showmen would gather with patrons paying to see them wrestle each other with their feats of strength. There have been many countries that have witnessed growth in the world of professional wrestling such as the United States, Mexico (with Lucha Libre), and Japan. Each of these countries have also capitalized on the commercial aspects of this sport as well. Wrestlers tend to become huge iconic symbols as they grow in popularity and become the faces of popular culture.

There have also been wrestling teachings that have come to be because of military training. When one wrestles as a military person, there are several objectives to it. They are maintaining a superior balance while in the ring all the while trying to upset the balance of their opponent. In battle, if a person is on the ground, they are then extremely vulnerable to attack and lack the ability to adequately defend themselves. It can also increase stamina and provide lasting endurance.

In today’s world, wrestling has taken on new forms. First, the professional sport of wrestling is seeing new heights and new avenues. Wrestlers are becoming movie stars and rappers and models on the cover of magazines. It has become a billion dollar business that spans the world of television, radio, movies, music, and magazines. In addition, this sport has crossed over into the realm of martial arts. For example, grappling, a form of wrestling, has become widely used in the world of mixed-martial arts. Mixed-martial arts is a sport where a combination of both wrestling and traditional martial arts are combined into one arena where they are used in one on one altercations to determine a winner. As the world begins to see more sports where wrestling is a vital part of their day to day business, the more it will become disassociated with the normal feeling of what it is such as the story book mode that comes on television during prime time.

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