A Real Golf Lesson

The sport of golf is contested on a parcel of land that is known as the course. The course consists of set number of holes to be played, a number that can vary depending on the type of golf that is being played. The hole stands for two different things. The first is the literal hole where the cup is buried into the ground and where the ball goes to complete it. The second is the entire distance of that hole from where you first hit the golf ball to the end where it goes into the cup. The traditional number of holes that you will find on a golf course is either nine or eighteen. Ironically, there may be a “19th” hole, which is typically the clubhouse where you can get a drink or food after you play eighteen holes.

The location from where the first stroke takes place on each hole is called the tee. Courses will offer several different tee locations per hole in golf so that it can accommodate different categories of players (Professional, Amateur, Senior, Ladies). What this does it is reduces the number of yards from tee to cup for varying levels of players. Also, different tees have the ability to take different hazards out of play. Hazards are those areas on a hole/within a course, where if a ball winds up in the hazard, there is a one stroke penalty and the player must drop a ball in a designated drop area.

It is noted here that within a round of golf, the grass around the green is cut shorter than the rest of the hole. This is done in order to allow the ball to roll for several feet, even yards, to get to the cup. As small a matter as it is, but the direction in which grass grows can impact the way in which a ball rolls or lack thereof. The break in the green, which determines if the ball is going to go right or left, will affect the quickness of the putt as well. You are given very strategic information when beginning a hole in order to get to the green. The cup of the hole, which is somewhere on the putting green, can be found by locating the flag on each hole.

The out of bounds areas on a golf course are usually marked and anywhere on the outsides of them is ruled as unplayable. Typically this means that not only do you lose a stroke, but you will be forced to hit your again, adding yet another stroke to the hole for you. In getting ready for your round of golf, there are many areas where you are able to practice for your round. There is the range or driving range, where you can purchase a cup or bag of balls and go out and practice shots before you begin your round. In addition to the range there can also be a chipping green and a putting green.

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