The Basics of Billiards Explained

Throughout the years, billiards has become a family game that is played on a rectangular shape table with a cue stick. This stick is used to strike a set of balls and strategically moving them around the table. Originally, this was a game that was played outdoors, but has gradually over time evolved into a game where it is solely played in a closed environment. Typically the word “pool” refers to this game these days. There are a few variations of this game such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and straight pool.

The most commonly played game of billiard played in the United States is 8-ball. There is the International Pool Tour is a professional series where pool players make their living. The most prestigious pool tournament in the world is known as the World Open. This is an annual tournament that is played and hosted by the International Pool Tour. Typically, the set of International Standardized Rules are the regulations that pool players play the games under. The goal of the game 8-ball is where a player determines a suit (either stripes or solids), then they are to pocket all of their suit, and afterward legally pocket the 8-ball. The first to do this wins the game out right.

9-ball is a game of billiards where the only balls that are on the table are the one through nine balls. The cue ball is also used when playing this game. The player is required to make a legal shot on the ball that has the smallest number on it. If this does not happen each and every time that a player does it, a foul is called. The way that this game is won is by legally pocketing the nine ball, either by pocketing it out right as the last ball left on the table or by using the lowest number ball to strike the nine ball into a pocket but only after the first ball hit is the lowest number ball. While there are numerous local and regional leagues for 9-ball, there is no governing body for this game unlike 8-ball. The largest professional tournament for both men and women in this game is the World 9-Ball Championship.

Snooker is another version of billiards that is very popular through the world. While not that immensely popular within the United States, snooker is a game that was originated in England and is still popular there today. The strategy of this game is make your opponent leave themselves exploited and open for the other player to make their play. It is important to understand that the snooker form of billiards is played with no pockets. Snooker is played at a highly competitive level in the United Kingdom.

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