Running as a Full Body Workout

By literal definition, the term running means the fastest way for any animal to move while on their feet. Within the actual sporting world is it a method where all feet are on the ground at the same time. It is considered both an anaerobic and aerobic means of exercise. This is a form of exercise that requires both complexity and coordination of one’s entire body. Not every human being will run the same but there are several different motions that will be present in every runner.

There is a set sequence of strides that will alternate between legs. There are three phases of stride that are all of equal measure: support, drive, and recovery. Both drive and support take place only when a foot is present on the ground. Recovery is the process that a foot has because it is occurring with the leg that is off the ground during running. Recovery does take place momentarily when both feet are off the ground, which happens when one leg is coming down to the ground and the other is going up towards recovery.

Running does not only involve lower body motion, which occurs during support, drive, and recovery. There are also various upper body motions that take place simultaneously when you run. They compensate for those lower body motions, maintaining a balance within the body. If you pay attention when you are running, when you drive down with your opposite arm is also in motion with you at the same time. Torso and shoulders are also used during this process as well. If the lower body motions are not as efficient as they should be, the more work that is required of the upper body to get the body back in balance. A majority of the energy that is used up in running, comes from the motions that are used in order compensate upper and lower body motions. A lot of this energy must be absorbed into the body when a person runs, which can tire a person out right away, more so than the actual process taking place.

Running, as a sport, is simply one where a contestant tries to out run other contestants in specific distance races. Whether it is a triathlon, marathon, or track and field, this type of race is the basis for numerous events. However, it is not always the person who may be the fastest that wins these races. If a runner can maintain that perfect body balance that has been mentioned here for the entire race, their body will be in better shape to make a break for harder running towards the end of a race. Not only is a race of this nature about physical toughness but there is a high requirement to have the appropriate mentality to run.

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