Winning a Game of Volleyball

In an normal regulation game of volleyball, it is played with two teams, one on each side of the net, with six player per team. Three of these players are positioned in front of the attack line and three behind it. When play begins, the team that serves first is determined by a coin toss. Then a player that is on the serving team, the server to be specific, will toss the ball in the air and hit it in order to pass it over the net so that, in the air, it will come down to the opposing team. This is called the serve. The opposing team is limited to a maximum of three touches before having to hit the ball back over the net to the opponent’s side. Normally, these contacts will consist of first, a pass to another player to set the play up, and then a set, where the player hitting it will set up a spike from the third person hitting it, which is known as the attacker.

The team that has possession of the ball is said to be on the offensive as they are trying to use their powers to make the other team not be able to hit it back again. However, the team that is on defense tries to prevent the attacker from spiking the volleyball back to their side of the court again. This is done through a blocking technique where this player will meet the player from the other team at the point of contact with their hands. If the players are able to play the spike, it is called a dig, at which point that team is now on offense. The game goes on like this until the ball touches the floor or until there is an error made from one of the two teams.

Volleyball is a game where errors within the match can cost one team the game and possibly the match. There are many ways that errors can be made during a game. An error is made if the ball lands on the ground on the outside of the court boundaries, or if lands on the outside of the court on the same side as where it was last touched. The ball is touched more than three times before being returned to the other team's court. An error is also created if the same player on the same team touches the ball twice in a row without another player touching it in between. One of the most common errors in a game of volleyball is that where no player touches the ball before it lands within bounds on their side/half of the court. This sport has matches that are usually in a best of five format, meaning that the winning team will be that team who wins three games first.Games are typically to fifteen points.

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