The Basics of Cycling

Cycling is a true recreation sport that involves a means of transport over land. It can include the riding of unicycles, tricycles, bicycles, and other human operated and pedaled vehicles. The governing body for this recreational activity is the Union Cycliste Internationale. This body is located within the borders of Switzerland. Throughout the world, the means of transportation that is most used by people is the standard utility bicycle. They manage to have a more user friendly design, one which provides a lasting level of comfort the rider. There are a few mainstays in the design of this bicycle such as chain guards, kickstands, fenders, and some even come with bells.

However, within North America there exist two main types of bicycles and they are the mountain bikes and the road bicycles. These bikes come with more of a geometrical design that will make the rider bend more towards the front of the bicycle. The price range of a normal bicycle within the United States can be as little as $50, which are those bikes that beginners or infrequent bikers might use, to $10,000, which are you more high end bikes for professional riders.

Before making a purchase when getting started in cycling, it is encouraged that you take a test ride and get fitted for a particular cycle. Different heights of people will require different sizes of bikes, which all depends on a comfort level for them. Being able to ride effectively and safely in traffic is crucial for the safety of both the rider and those within the traffic. Unfortunately, most cyclists in the United States act and operate as if they were your ordinary pedestrians on sidewalks or in parks. The normal method of operation, which can be included as the more knowledgeable bikers, are those that integrate themselves into normal traffic and become part of it. They obey all traffic laws and the rules of the road at all times, making it safe for themselves and others on the road. The United Kingdom is very progressive in their efforts for safety as there is a proficiency test given to primary school children to help them become safer riders.

Another added benefit for cycling is on one’s health. This activity is regularly used by those individuals who want to increase their fitness level while improving the health of their cardiovascular system at the same time. There has been shown to be great benefits for those suffering from arthritis to use cycling in order to help with lower limbs as other forms of exercise impact harder on the joints. It should be noted that with this activity being used more and more as a mode of transportation, that there is less effort to ensure that it gets done everyday because it is already taking place during travel to and from work.

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